Patricia Hernández inaugurates The First Forum for Social Inclusion of Young People

Coinciding with “The International Children’s Day”, the Auditorium “Alfredo Kraus” of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the venue for “The First International Forum for the Social Inclusion of Young People” in which take part the Children’s Authority Act and the Family of Canary Government and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The forum, that will take place until the next Tuesday, 22th November, is the starting point of a new pilot project that it sets in motion in a autonomous and independent way under the motto of “#Up2U: Depende de tí” in Canary. It is led by the Magistrate of Juvenile Court of Las Palmas, Reyes Martel, with the purpose of direct elements of assistance and social and educational support for the young people of the Archipelago with behavioral problems or in risk of social exclusion, in order to make them integrate, in a productive way, in society.

In the inauguration ceremony, the Magistrate Reyes Martel emphasized that “this social project is autonomous and independent, it collaborates with vital forces of society, companies and institutions, and it pretends that young people carve out a future, if we gave them the tool for it”.

The member of the Council of Judiciary, Alvaro Cuesta, who accompanied the Magistrate at the inauguration ceremony, pointed out: “The Council of Judiciary devotes an important part of its activity to justice of young people, family, restorative justice and mediation, with the work of 81 judges in Spain”, and he also emphasized that Canary Islands, in that point of view, is one of the autonomous region with the biggest rate of litigation, and he said, “I have to emphasize the big work of the four judges of young people that exist in the archipelago because they count with a high resolution rate”.

Lastly, the Vice-President of the Government and Counsellor for Employment, Social Policies and Housing of The Canary Government, Patricia Hernández, pleased the project “#UP2U”. “From the Government we have united all areas related with infancy in the same commission, but we missed to take another step and that is what “#UP2U” give us, it offers active infancy policies”. For the Counsellor, this project helps “to learn young people with judicial actions, it makes them to be formed in values and achieve their dreams. Also, the International Forum will open spaces for discussion and it will establish good practices to young people count with tools to grow up and be happy”.

This International Meeting will have the presence of national and international outstanding figures of the child-care area

Judges, prosecutors, jurists, psychologists and educators will deeply analyze the most effective lines of work in the area of young people, and among them, the actions that make possible the social rehabilitation of young people with behavioral problems. Moreover, the experts will deal with some of these mechanisms and prevention plans for families and the young people themselves.

This initiative has been created by the Magistrate of the Juvenile Court Number 1 of Las Palmas, Reyes Martel Rodríguez, in collaboration with the General Director of Infancy Protection and Family of the Canary Government, Mauricio Roque González, and the committee member for the social inclusion and The Eradication of Poverty, Nestor Hernández López. The main purpose is to generate a meeting point and discussion about the social agents related to the world of young people, and deal with new typologies of offenses that are currently taking place between the teenagers, as a consequence of a value crisis and the drug abuse, as well as, the very rapid advance in information technologies and its misuse.

Some aspects as the “Restorative Justice”, domestic and gender violence by hand of young people, the age of legal responsibility or the child protection against media, are going to be the main lectures in this international meeting. It will attend the Juvenile Magistrate Judge of Barcelona, David García Esteban, the Child Prosecutor Protection Canary, Monserrat García Díez, or the Judge of the Control of Judiciary of Mexico, Faustino Carrillo Ahumada and the Judge of Family Court of Chile, Sergio Troncoso Espinoza.

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will be one of the main instigators of The Forum, due to the professor of criminal law, Fernando Navarro Cardoso is going to be in charge of the academic control. The students of some university degrees and masters related to the area of juvenile will have the opportunity to participate in this Forum, which purpose is to contribute a critic version of future professionals and promote new ideas and precaution and intervention tools for young people.

Simultaneously to the forum celebration, after its inauguration act, it will start some sport activities organized by the project #UP2U for young people in the beach of “Las Canteras”, next to the auditorium.

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